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Website Development Questionnaire

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our website development questionnaire. Please feel free to skip questions you may not have answers for or may not apply to you.

We look forward to getting started!

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About Your Company

Do you have a url in mind for your website?
Do you need us to buy your domain?
Do you need us to host your website?
Do you have a budget?
Do you have a deadline for this project?

I want this site because:
I need to build awareness for my brandI need to offer a contact point to my clientsI need my company to have a better image onlineI need to sell my products/services through my siteI need to use it to build customer loyaltyI need to reach people in many languagesI need somewhere to promote my latest product/services

My site will be built to target:
Kids & TeensIn their 20sIn their 30sIn their 40sIn their 50sSenior citizens
Do you want to expand your target audience in a certain direction?
What words or phrases will someone use to search for your website?
Can you name some of your competitors?

What will your website need to include:
Responsive design for use on tablets and mobileSocial network integrationOnline forumNewsletter systemE-commerce/shopping platform with payment gatewayMembership or password protected contentDirectory or profile pagesBlog module
Who will provide the following resources?
Stock photography
Cowe Consulting*The Client
Company photography
Cowe Consulting*The Client
Cowe Consulting*The Client
Copywriting Text
Cowe Consulting*The Client
Professional Logo
Graphic Design
Cowe Consulting*The Client
Print Collateral
Cowe Consulting*The Client
Cowe Consulting*The Client
After the website is delivered who will manage it?
Cowe Consulting*The Client
*Additional fees may apply

Do you have established logos & branding guidelines (e.g. fonts, color schemes etc.)?
Do you have print material such as business cards or brochures that we need to match?

Website overview/description
Content for FAQ section
How many pages do you envision your site having? Please describe each page.
Upload images/files you may have: (jpg,png,gif,doc,csv,pdf)