Smart Solutions for Small Business


Smart Solutions
Small Business

We develop streamlined strategies designed to cultivate extraordinary organizations

Cowe Consulting will take your business to the next level with our marketing and consulting services. Our team helps you to define your company vision, determine short and long-term objectives and goals, develop a blueprint for execution and help you implement these strategies in your day-to-day to business practices.

Better Business Starts Here

Better Business Starts Here


We create strategic solutions that focus on two key aspects of engagement: Education and Inspiration. Our marketing techniques utilize the latest channels, apps and technologies to reach your audience along with quality content and impactful visuals that promote engagement and influence action.

Brand Development at Cowe Consulting

Brand Development

We design and implement strategies that solidify your position in your industry. Starting with well-defined branding techniques along with thoughtful business concepts that reinforce who you are, where you’re going and why you’re going there – giving your vision a voice.

Social Marketing at Cowe Consulting

Social Marketing

From social media management to community events, we know it is essential to humanize your brand in order to connect with your audience. We create content that conveys a sense of common understanding and interest, while solidifying your expertise in the industry.

Business Execution with Cowe Consulting

Business Execution

We understand you have a business to run and it can be difficult to focus on your long-term marketing strategies while managing day-to-day business operations. Let us help you design a plan that targets your goals, ensures proper execution and implementation and monitors growth and exposure.

I’m a first time business owner and constantly figuring it out as I go, but Cowe Consulting has helped me with setting goals and giving me the steps I need to get there. Thank you Miri for guiding us and navigating our course.

- Maria Gallow, Co-Founder

Are you ready to reach new heights?
Are you ready to reach new heights?